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Duke Garwood’s first paid musical job was back in the late 80s playing guitar on The Orbs seminal Perpetual Dawn taken from their debut album co-produced by Youth. Nearly twenty years and many musical wanderings later Duke Garwood completed a circle by releasing an album on Youths new label Butterfly Recordings.

Duke Garwood’s first album ‘Holy Week’ came out to great critical acclaim in 2005. Q magazine described it as making Will Oldham sound like Engelbert Humperdinck. His follow up Emerald Palace was recorded in a log cabin on the wooded slopes of Box Hill over 2 scorching days and nights in the mid-summer of 2005. Garwood and his long time drummer/percussionist-Paul May laid down some 40 tracks of which 18 were finally chosen for his new release.

2009 saw Duke’s inaugural releases on Fire. The first album ‘The Sand That Falls’ saw Duke continue with his rootsy approach to music making with more than a handful of drone and sprawl to accompany his lone guitar. The album was preceded by the ‘He Was A Warlock’ EP, which demonstrated Duke’s fondness of releasing tracks with more than a hint of melody such as ‘Rise A Woman’, and ‘Each Man Sparkles’ amidst his more sparse, experimental numbers.

Duke was back in 2011 with his long awaited album ‘Dreamboatsafari’. Heralded by press – including 4/5 from NME – and featuring more melodic delights such as the soothing ‘Summer Gold’ and ‘Wine Blood’, it is Duke’s most focussed and effective record yet. ‘Dreamboatsafari’ delights in startlingly effective blues, never forgetting to meander into Dukes own experimental wilderness

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