Jane Weaver Marc Riley Session + Steve Lamacq Roundtable!

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Marc Riley Jane performed a stunning live session for Mark Riley yesterday evening! She played: ‘Did You See Butterflies?’, ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Modern Kosmology’. Session photo attached and listen again link is here. The session received a fantastic reaction from listeners! Gideon Coe Gideon also played out session track ‘H>A>K’. Full tracklisting and listen again link is here. Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable ‘Modern Kosmology’ was the featured album on yesterday’s Roundtable … Read More

In Search Of The Inner Flame

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  I’ve been in the desert around Tucson, and later Phoenix, Arizona, it’s hot and uncompromising at times… but beautiful. There seems to be a never-ending highway spiralling somewhere and dust clouds stirred up by who knows what, occasionally this strange serenity will be punctured by a super-long train clacking by – a procession that seems to be the length and breadth of the whole state. In such a climate, … Read More

Bring Back Proper Pop Stars

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Time for new a petition. Forget Brexit and the election, it’s already become tedious and unconvincing, let’s start a few campaigns that actually mean something. Let’s have Harry Styles sent to the isle Of man in exile and encourage pop stars to be more like Sir Adam Of Ant back in the good old days of Smash Hits – you know it makes sense. Sign up today.

Jane Weaver on Stuart Maconie’s ‘Wyrd Dysko’

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Jane Weaver chats about forthcoming album ‘Modern Kosmology’ and chooses 4 tracks for Stuart Maconie’s ‘Wyrd Dysko’ feature on BBC Radio 6 Music! Listen back here Pre-order ‘Modern Kosmology’ – out this Friday – here: http://janeweavermusic.com/


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It’s the Vinyl Villain site again, this time (back in 2014) focussing on The Television Personalities debut single ‘Where’s Bill Grundy Now?’/’Part Time Punks’ which he reasons was the inspiration for Alan McGee’s Creation Records which obviously gave the world – eventually – Oasis, Primal Scream, and also gave a spark to the whole grunge movement by inspiring Kurt Cobain. The site also recognises the legacy and songwriting of the … Read More

The Vinyl District Support Fire’s 33 and 1/3 Anniversary!

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The Vinyl District have been featuring records from the Fire Records catalogue each day this week i n support of our 33.3rd anniversary! Read up below to discover lost gems, deep cuts, and your new favourite artists.. Feature 1 ‘Underrated Gems and Deeper Cuts’ featuring Orchestra Of Spheres, HTRK, Opossom http://www.thevinyldistrict.com/fire-records-at-thirty-three-and-a-third/2017/05/fire-records-thirty-three-third-underrated-gems-deeper-cuts/ Feature 2 ‘Enduring Relevance’ featuring Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Virginia Wing, Rats on Rafts,Las Kellies http://www.thevinyldistrict.com/fire-records-at-thirty-three-and-a-third/2017/05/fire-records-thirty-three-third-enduring-relevance/ Feature 3 ‘Lasting … Read More

Psychedelicised questions in the house of Fire (Part 5)

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1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price? “I was initially into soul music in the early 1970s. The first single I bought was ‘I’ll Take You There’ by Staple Singers; I was also digging Temptations, Four Tops, Undisputed Truth, Sly Stone and that cool vein of psych-soul with fuzzy guitars and spaced-out lyrics. This led to an interest in rock … Read More

Make Your Own: The Blue Aeroplanes’ Comp

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Check out the Vinyl Villain site here, for their imaginary compilation of The Blue Aeroplanes by Mike Melville, along with an in-depth piece reasoning on the chosen tracks. Recognising that the band had the original Bez, Mike takes a very personal look at their history, the fact that REM loved them, their on/off relationship with the majors, their ‘Welcome Stranger’ album, the fact that their B-sides were phenomenal, concluding with … Read More

Wreckless Eric – Marc Riley Session Tonight + Limited Edition amERICa Orange Vinyl

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It’s been two years since Wreckless Eric dropped “amERICa” and a lot has changed in his adopted country since. Eric is on BBC Radio 6 Music talking with Marc Riley tonight from 7pm, on tour around the UK and has also announced a limited edition special edition LP, now available to pre-order here: http://bit.ly/2qVFrqf Tickets for London, 229 The Venue – May 13th here: http://bit.ly/2q2ayBb

How Cool Are These?

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Wow, it’s The Who trading cards back when they were young and possibly not quite innocent, on a Beatles/Help! styled ski-ing jaunt. Crazy – nice jumper Pete! And, Keith, looking good! .

Quo Revivalists Congregate

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The repercussions of headbanging to the Quo are plainly obvious, but having the theme tune to Laureal And Hardy and Popeye in your rpertoire would be too much for Simon Cowell we’re sure.

Blue Aeroplanes Back In The Day

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Check out the word of The Blue Aeroplanes’ Gerard Langley as he pontificates on the quality of poetry in the world of rock. Jim Morrison gets a right old savaging. Vlassic stuff from the archive of Undeground magazine from, oh, maybe a million years ago. More to come…

Jane Weaver Manchester & London – SOLD OUT!

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Jane Weaver’s Manchester show at Band on The Wall has sold out, as well as the sold out Lexington show in London! Don’t worry there will be plenty more opportunities to catch Jane on the road later this year; full tour dates below! Jane Weaver 18 May: Hare & Hounds 2, Birmingham, UK 19 May: Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK – SOLD OUT 20 May: The Great Escape Festival, … Read More

Jumpers For Goalposts

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Snazzy evening wear from Sir Elton as he presents his very own pinball machine, only a matter of time before The Blue Aeroplanes have one we think. And what about an Einsturzende Neubauten jumper to keep the cold out? Perfecto!

Loving The Television Personalities’ ‘A Sense Of Belonging’

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It was ten years ago and prolific scribe John Carney’s excellent Shivers Inside series was spiraling to an end but not before he pontificated on this glorious Television Personalities’ 45 and the hint of the bleak. And, at some length   “The new TVPs recordings were meant to be pretty bleak. We know that now of course because those songs became ‘The Painted Word’, much later, and of course it’s … Read More

Unbelievably, yet more words of wisdom from the house (of Fire)

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1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price? ‘Zorro And The Oranges’ [Picture-sleeve 7” story record]. Bought in the early ‘70s for less than NZ$1:00 at Terry’s Music Store, Dunedin.   2 What was the record that changed your life and how did it do so? ’Ziggy Stardust’ – an epiphany because first listen as a grumpy, misunderstood early-teen was also … Read More

It was 20 years ago…

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Later this year it will be 20 years since the sad passing of legendary guitarist Rainer Ptacek. Heralded by everyone from Robert Plant and Evan Dando to Howe Gelb and PJ Harvey, he was a journeyman, a played who complimented other artists but also had a distinctive beautiful sound himself. In the far from acrid watery early summer in the UK, his spacious performances wafted me away during a warm … Read More

Jane Weaver in Conversation With Radcliffe & Maconie For BBC Radio 6 Music

Laura EleyJane Weaver, News

Tune into BBC Radio 6 Music from 1pm today to hear Jane Weaver in conversation with Radcliffe & Maconie, chatting about the upcoming album ‘Modern Kosmology’ and UK tour dates! Jane Weaver plays the below dates: 18 May: Hare & Hounds 2, Birmingham, UK 19 May: Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK 20 May: The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, UK 22 May: The Lexington, London, UK 23 May: Rough Trade … Read More

The Mystery Of The Peanut Duck

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The world of northern soul is littered with tracks that were covered up or mis-titled so that no-one could locate what they were. The practice was common in the early ‘70s at Wigan Casino and Blackpool Mecca where luring people to those nights was paramount. But it was the 1980s when the mystery of Marsha Gee’s ‘Peanut Duck’ came about.   The Dangerous Minds site put its ten penneth in … Read More

One For The Road

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The lovely Nico pre-Velvets advertising a beverage for the times. Good old Terry Brandy.

Yet More Questions From The House (Of Fire)

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    1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price?   The first album I bought was Marty Robbins’ ‘Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs’. I think I was six years old. I don’t remember the price, but it couldn’t have been much. I was given a bit of money on my birthday, and that’s what I did with it. I no … Read More

Howe Gelb Announces Support for UK / Ireland Tour

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Howe Gelb Piano Trio Announce Special Guest Lonna Kelley UK/Ireland Live Dates May 2017 Howe Gelb ‘Impossible Thing’ audio: European Tour Dates 06 May – CH – Zurich – El Lokal 07 May – CH – Bern – Dachstock 08 May – DE – Stuttgart – Theaterhaus 09 May – DE – Dresden – Jazzclub Tonne 10 May – DE – Berlin – Quasimodo 11 May – BE – Liege … Read More

What’s In The Cupboard, Elvis

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Only a matter of time before some bright spark starts producing these for mass consumption. After all we already can buy dirt from Graceland.

Evan Declares War On Bush!

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It was back in 2003, March 19 to be exact in HMV on Oxford Street in the days when HMV sold CDs and even had an alt-country section. The launch of the MOJO Honours List was heralded with a live performance in-store by Evan Dando to coincide with stellar reviews of his just released ‘Baby, I’m Bored’ album (now re-issued on Fire as a lavish box set). In a strange … Read More

Further Questions from the House (Of Fire)

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    1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price? ‘See Emily Play’ by the Pink Floyd from Boots in Northampton in 1967. I think it was in the region of six or seven shillings. (I won ten shillings on Red Alligator in the Grand National that year.)   2 What was the record that changed your life and how did … Read More

Surfing The Beard Of Felt

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It’s only a mini Moondog made of felt! What else could a grown man want. Part of the legacy of outsider tat currently available for a pretty penny at the Hey Kids Rock ‘n’ Roll site (Find it here). The site also boasts dioramas of Delia Derbyshire, jumping Adam Ants and all sorts of essential reconstructions.   According to Wikipediia, Moondog, real name Louis Thomas Hardin, was a “blind American … Read More

Jane Weaver Announces UK and Ireland Oct/Nov Tour Dates

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Jane Weaver Announces UK and Ireland Oct/Nov Tour Dates & Reveals ‘Modern Kosmology’ In The Studio Video Promo video link: ““Her best yet.” Uncut “Jane Weaver is hitting her creative side to brilliant effect” MOJO “Weaver has clearly had an epiphany and this is her best album to date” Record Collector “Epic kraut-pop opera teeming with motorik rhythms and analogue synths.” NPR “A mind-expanding delight, devoid of retro posturing.” Guardian … Read More

Questions From The House (Of Fire)

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    1 What was the first record you bought and where from? And can you remember the price? It was an EP by Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys with ‘Last Train To San Fernando’ on it (plus three others). That was about 1957/8. I was either four or five, and it was from National Radio of St John’s Wood High Street. I would have had it bought … Read More

Totally Wired With Julian Cope

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At the end of the ‘80s, Channel 4’s Star Test was a surprisingly lengthy blind question treat, probing into people’s lives. Comedians and pop stars of the day, a few actors and DJs, politicians were asked to select a category and answer a variety of questions about faith and fortune, hopes and fears, sweet and sour subject matter. The roll call included Tony James of Sigue Sigue Sputnik (formerly Gen … Read More

How Cool Was Carole King?

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  Two prime examples of the genius of Carole King lurking on Youtube, her original demo’s of The Monkees’ ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ and the Head tune ‘Popoise Song’. Amazing!  

Pictish Trail and Rats on Rafts Added to ‘This Corner of England’ Day Festival!

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This Corner of England celebrates 30 years of the legendary, and incredibly influential,  English psychedelic outfit “The Bevis Frond” with a whole day of music at the London Fields Brewery on Sunday May 28th The Bevis Frond have ultimately become the UK’s leading underground psychedelic rock band with supporters such as comedian Stewart Lee, Dinosaur Jr, Evan Dando, David Tibet, Teenage Fanclub and more. Live, the line-up today includes: Paul … Read More

L’albume classique

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Pre-Brexit positive vibes from French publication Folk And Rock. No, we’ve no idea what it says but how cool is it to include Bacharach, The Bee Gees and The Left Banke in a review?

Abba Dabba Do

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It’s Bjorn with cut-out clothes, what greater accolade could a love-struck singer songwriter receive? Especially liking the red outfit there.

A Book At Bedtime

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JC Brouchard’s Diary Of A Young Fan covers the years 1981 to 1984 and charts his obsession with The Television Personalities, Creation, the legendary Living Room venue and all points between. With a host of cool pics you can scan it online here or buy the actual thing.

Vintage Frond

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Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond in deep conversation in issue 26 of the legendary Bucketfull Of Brains fanzine, talking about his ‘Triptych’ album, his contribution to Mick Wills’ ‘Fern Hill’ project, acid jams and all that good stuff, including the idea of recording an album down the Fleet sewer – one that still sparks the imagination but hasn’t been brought into life yet. There’s also talk about the Frond’s … Read More

The World Has Gone Aladdin Sane Mad!

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As seen in the blog that’s dedicated to the flash that’s now part of a million households, from jumpers to dolls, roller skates to cup cakes, cushions to wallets. Find the site here.

Remembering Skip

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Today would have been the birthday of eccentric groover and one time member of Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape, Skip Spence. The cult icon recorded the buried treasure ‘Oar’ which, many moons later the world acclaimed as a long forgotten slice of the strange – it was also covered in its entirety by Beck and pals. Skip sadly left this mortal coil in 1999. Here’s Beck’s tribute:

Another Album That Never Was

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It’s only the Stones’ shelved gem ‘Could You Walk O Water’, a slice of post rational Christian-bating from the year that music exploded (© Jon Savage) – 1966. The wonderful Albums The Never Were has the master and a great sleeve, find it here. And this is what they say about it: This is a reconstruction of the unreleased 1966 Rolling Stones album Could You Walk On The Water. After … Read More

The Bear Necessities

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In that obsessive way that a song gets into your psyche, The Television Personalities’ ‘Honey For The Bears’ intrigued me so much that I picked up the book by Anthony Burgess to see if it was the inspiration in typical Dan Treacy style. Sadly it was in title alone as the angst-ridden tune and swinging ‘60s feel – c’mon Honey is right up there with Candy – had little to … Read More

The Day I Almost Saw Wreckless Eric – October 22, 1977

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It was just a day like any other – well, almost. The Stiff Records live tour was arriving in Leicester, playing at the University in an old hall that looked like it was straight out of The Good Old Days. Five acts were teased – Larry Wallis, Nick Lowe, Ian Dury, Elvis Costello and Wreckless Eric. Something for everyone.   The place was packed. It was a party packet packed … Read More

Noveller To Support Helium on USA Tour Throughout June 2017

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Noveller Tour Dates w/ Helium 06 Jun: Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC, USA 07 Jun: Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia, PA, USA 08 Jun: Rough Trade – Northside Festival, Brooklyn, NY, USA 09 Jun: Mercuy Lounge, New York, NY, USA 10 Jun: The Sinclair, Boston, MA 12 Jun: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON, USA 13 Jun: Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, USA 14 Jun: Marble Bar, Detroit, MI, USA 15 Jun: The … Read More

Howe Gelb UK and Europe Tour

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Howe Gelb and his Piano Trio are back on tour throughout May 2017! Full dates below Watch the video for ‘Irresponsible Lovers’ below Howe Gelb Piano Trio Tour Dates 06 May: El Lokal, Zurich, Switzerland 07 May: Dachstock, Bern, Switzerland 08 May: Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany 09 May: Jazzclub Tonne, Dresden, Germany 10 May: Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany 11 May: Jazz A Liege Festival, Liege, Belgium 13 May: Café Oto, London, UK … Read More

The Groundhogs (Rhythm Section) Added to ‘This Corner Of England’ Festival

Laura EleyEvents, News, The Bevis Frond, The Jazz Butcher, Wreckless Eric

‘This Corner Of England’ Announces The Groundhogs (Rhythm Section) London Fields Brewhouse – May 28th ‘This Corner Of England’ Playlist https://soundcloud.com/firerecords/sets/this-corner-of-england-2017 This Corner of England celebrates 30 years of the legendary, and incredibly influential,  English psychedelic outfit “The Bevis Frond” with a whole day of music at the London Fields Brewery on Sunday May 28th The Bevis Frond have ultimately become the UK’s leading underground psychedelic rock band with supporters … Read More

Evan Dando Announces ‘Baby I’m Bored’ USA Tour Dates

Laura EleyEvan Dando, Events, News

Evan Dando Announces ‘Baby I’m Bored’ US Tour Dates June 2017 ‘Baby I’m Bored’ audio: Evan Dando US Tour Dates June 15, 2017: San Francisco CA, The Chapel June 16, 2017: Los Angeles CA, The Roxy Theatre June 17, 2017: San Diego CA, The Casbah June 20, 2017: Chicago IL, Lincoln Hall June 22, 2017: Boston MA Once, Somerville June 23, 2017: Philadelphia PA, The Foundry June 24, 2017: New York … Read More

Confessions Of A Middle Aged Son Of The Desert

Dave HendersonFirebrands

So, I’ve heard that love is a cruel mistress, something that bends you out of shape; something that gives you sleepless nights, and if you do manage to succumb to slumber, it’s the first thing on your mind in the morning. Even the cleverest of people can be affected, be lost; simultaneously transported to places they’ve never even imagined; gain perspective, lose themselves.   Years ago I’d been to Phoenix, … Read More

Half Japanese Confirm Flashback Shoreditch Live In-Store

Laura EleyEvents, Half Japanese

HALF JAPANESE Announce In-Store and Signing at Flashback, Shoreditch – June 2nd! ‘On The Right Track’ video: Live Dates 22nd May – Berlin (DE), Quasimodo 28th May – Zaragoza (ES), Centro Cívico Delicias (Bombo y Platillo) 01 Jun: Cafe Oto, London, UK 02 Jun: Flashback Records (Shoreditch), London, UK “Their busy guitars give every track instant buzz.That immediacy makes Hear The Lions Roar stand out in Half Japanese’s highlight-laden oeuvre. The band … Read More

ESG Play Only London Show This Year At Electric Brixton + Sacred Paws & NTS DJ’s

Laura EleyESG, Events

ESG Add Sacred Paws & NTS DJs @ London, Electric Brixton May 26th in support of the Reissue ‘Step Off’ Out Same Day ESG ‘Step Off’ audio: “ESG’s fusion of sweet soul and punk attitude with an intuitive understanding of dance music remains.” The Guardian “This is still funk with an alien otherworldliness the likes of which George Clinton never envisioned, stripped to its barest essentials for maximum impact.” All Music “ESG are … Read More