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A Scanner Darkly – Original Soundtrack


This item will be released on August 4, 2017.

The 'A Scanner Darkly' original soundtrack by Graham Reyonlds. Now available for the first time on vinyl LP in partnership with Lakeshore Records

1             7 Years From Now

2             Aphids

3             Swallowed Up In Victory

4             Strawberry Pie

5             The Dark World Where I Dwell

6             Sex, Beer And Pills

7             A Farm Near The Mountains

8             Bug-Bite Squared

9             Pose As A Nark

10           Do You Like Cats?

11           A Scanner Darkly

12           Abrasocaine

13           Part Of The Plan

14           Are You Experiencing Any Difficulties?

15           Your Move, Peterbilt

16           Room 203

17           Escorted To The Bright Lights

18           You'll See The Way You Saw Before

19           A New Path

20           Little Blue Flowers

21           Darkly Mix

22           Call Sign/Aleph:/

Music by Graham Reynolds

In partnership with Lakeshore Records