The Line Of Best Fit Premiere Virginia Wing’s ‘ESP Offline’ + New Album Announcement

Reveal New Track ‘ESP Offline’
Taken From New Album ‘Forward Constant Motion
Out November 11th 2016 on 

“The duo summon spiralling cyclones of electronica during “ESP Offline”. Metallic accents pop through the storm, with anxiety-riddled percussion skittering in the undergrowth – at first glance it’s a chaotic cut, but as the seconds tick by everything starts to make sense.” The Line Of Best Fit

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Virginia Wing is Alice Merida Richards and Sam Pillay. Their new full length record is called Forward Constant Motion.

With many groups, a reduction in their personnel is often mirrored in a simplification of their sound. In Virginia Wing’s case, their reconfiguration from a trio to a two-piece sees them blossoming from the previously cold, Kosmische palette found on their debut LP Measures of Joy into the wider-reaching, fully focused sound of Forward Constant Motion.

The album dives headlong into the synthetic waves that lapped around the edges of their initial work, drawing as much from the compressed thump of Homework-era Daft Punk as the languid new age-isms of Laurie Anderson to create a bold and inventive modern pop record.

“We felt quite out of our depth when it came to making our first album. For the sake maintaining focus and not completely wrecking our self-esteem, we limited ourselves (in terms of influence) to the sound heard on Measures of Joy,” says Pillay. “This time around, we had the confidence in the fact that we were actually capable of making a full length record so we cast the net a bit wider. More than anything, we wanted this record to expand in every direction: the poppy parts are poppier, the weird parts are weirder, hopefully”

Track list

1. Lily Of Youth
2. ESP Offline
3. Mecca Cola
4. Grapefruit
5. Miserable World
6. Andalucia
7. Sonia & Claudette
8. Local Loop
9. Be Contained
10. Permaboss
11. Hammer A Nail
12. Move On
13. Baton
14. Future Body

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