8/10 Popmatters Review for Pere Ubu’s ‘Architecture Of Language’ box set – Out Tomorrow!

Pere Ubu’s ‘Architecture Of Language’ box set, including albums ‘New Picnic Time’, ‘The Art Of Walking’ and ‘Song Of The Bailing Man’ plus a bonus of extras ‘Architectural Salvage’ is out tomorrow!

Collects their three most nightmarishly cheerful records, songs of innocence and experience that seek to invent their own languageThis project is one of the most valuable sonic excavations currently being made by any record labelEd Whitelock, Popmatters

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Pre-order the box set here: https://www.firerecords.com/wp/product/pere-ubu-architecture-of-language-1979-1982-vinyl-box-set/

Stream the ‘Architecture of Language’ sampler below!