Air Waves signs to Fire Records and Fire Songs. Listen to the new track ‘The Dance’

Nicole Schneit aka Air Waves is the creator one of the greatest albums of recent years, 2018’s acclaimed Warrior is a stunning masterpiece that shifts through the personal to the political.

Newly signed to Fire Records, today’s announcement is accompanied by brand new track ‘The Dance’. Her first new music on the label, it’s waited three years to see the light of day. Arriving now, blinking and smiling in the widening light of 2022, feeling more needed and necessary but also more joyous than ever before.

“The song the Dance is about a venue in New York that was only open for eight months. I went a couple weeks before it closed down, not knowing it was going to close. There was something dreamlike about that night, I was dressed up after a performance I had done and the music they were playing was this crazy fast dance music. The flashing lights I’m referring to are the phones people were looking at.” adds Nicole.

Recorded at Figure 8 studios in Brooklyn, New York, it features Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes, Beach House), Luke Temple (backing vox, additional arrangements), Brian Betancourt (Hospitality, Sam Evian), David Christian (drums) and Ethan Sass (guitar, synth).

Releasing her first independent album in 2009 under the Air Waves moniker – a name inspired by a Guided By Voices song – subsequent albums like 2010’s ‘Dungeon Dots’ featured guest vocals from fellow Brooklynite Sharon Van Etten and was released on Underwater Peoples Records. Both 2015’s ‘Parting Glances’ and 2018’s ‘Warrior’ were released on Western Vinyl with the latter crystallising Schneit’s vision of loose-but-focused, convivial but startling pop.

Air Waves’ music at its root is beautifully simple, instantly accessible and entirely addictive.

There is a rawness, both musical and emotional, proving that the simplest ways to communicate feelings are sometimes the most effective


Air Waves ‘The Dance’



More varied and ambitious than ever