On their one and only visit to the UK shores, the Fitz broke a borrowed drum kit, made a mess in other folks’ homes, all squeezed into an old public telephone box and got a frightened old lady to take a picture.

They also played ramshackled, ramrod punk rock, in your face and from the heart, with simplistic riffs reminiscent of punk gods The Descendents and cult English inspirers, Discharge. With the exception of the Jam-esque ‘Young And Free’, this was heads down, legs apart, leave the pop to someone else Punk Rock. Produced with the legendary Calvin Johnson of K Records, Halo Benders and Beat Happening fame.

This dynamic three-piece came, saw and taking near empty venues in their strides, should have been all-conquering, as they somersaulted on-stage, sweated, rocked our pants off and buggered off, never to be seen again.

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