Graham Reynolds

Newly signed to Fire Records, Graham Reynolds is an acclaimed composer venturing on his first ever overseas tour with a new EP and a remarkable album to follow.


Graham Reynolds is an Austin legend. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, grew up in America’s northeast, and then he relocated to Texas and became part of the furniture as half of the Golden Hornet, man handling punk’s DIY ethic into classical music. He tumbled into movie soundtracks, theatre pieces, and became renowned for an annual re-imagining of festivities with the live extravaganza Graham Reynolds Ruins The Holidays.

Called “the quintessential modern composer” by the London Independent, Austin-based Graham Reynolds is anything but your stereotypical composer, more a fully qualified mad scientist of music and creative blur (he once smashed up a piano in the desert).

Yet he is also Richard Linklater’s (‘Slacker’, ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘School of Rock’) go-to guy, who said of Reynolds’ ability to score any scene that “he can do anything”. Reynolds has scored films such as ‘Before Midnight’, ‘Bernie’ and ‘A Scanner Darkly’, which was released on vinyl for the first time on Fire in 2017.

Since then, Graham has re-focused his talents yet again, beginning with an EP, ‘Music For Prophet Parts 1-4’ that’s the perfect pre into what’s promised to be a spectacular debut solo album later in 2024. Graham: “‘Prophet Harmonic’ provides the backbone of the album and the EP’s four parts are variations on that theme, taking this one track and expanding the ideas around it. There’s the original take featuring Peter Talisman, a version that focuses on a larger ensemble with strings, and a vocal version featuring (Fire’s own) Marta Del Grandi – I saw her at SXSW, we played the same stage. I sent her the tracks and gave her free reign to do as she wanted. I was really excited by what she did.”

Music For Prophet Parts 1-4’ is out now and sees a limited vinyl release.

“A fantastic player that adds a muscular edge to the rich tones he pulls out of his instrument… capable of stretching all manner of sonic boundaries” Jazz Times

“For director Richard Linklater alone, Reynolds has been heartsick and wistful (Before Midnight), tense and suspenseful (A Scanner Darkly), jaunty and blithe (Bernie)…” Texas Monthly

“A rare talent” Pop Matters


A fantastic player that adds a muscular edge to the rich tones he pulls out of his instrument... capable of stretching all manner of sonic boundaries

Jazz Times