Jane Weaver

Abusing, evading and obliterating years of whimsical pop trends, Jane Weaver’s experience as a truly independent and resilient female experimental songwriter/sound-carrier commands respect and inspiration in equal measures. From teenage Liverpudlian shoe-gazer to conceptual-pop mistress, has seen her graze with pocket-punk, Synth-pop, acid folk, indie-schmindie, dark-ambient drones, Hollywood soundtracks and girl-group psych. 

An artist at the top of her game



NY Times


Reclaiming her universe, Jane Weaver returns with brand new single ‘Love In Constant Spectacle’, evoking spectacular images perhaps impossible to capture with the human eye, nor aperture.

Taking measured steps that lead you to something very special, our protagonist pours all her creative resources before the needle drops. Secretly, this might be more conceptual in its execution, than initially meets the eye.

“It’s about searching for joy, wanting to love and feel loved, then uncovering it in unusual places and in the smallest, hidden things in life. Magnified under rocks and stones, it explores connecting with nature and your surroundings as opposed to other people – focusing on autonomy, new beginnings and feeling bewitched” adds Jane Weaver

This is the poetic vision of one woman only, turning a new chapter, erecting a new scaffold, drawing empty landscapes as we slowly watch new colours, codes shapes and languages fill the frame. Produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Dry Cleaning), this is a new awakening that’s evident from the needle drop.

Accompanied by a new video animated by Kamran Kaur she describes “The woman here is always moving forward in pursuit of something but constantly finding herself succumbing to nature’s spell. Nature leads her back to herself, as that which she was searching for was there all along.”

From a long-standing pillar of the UK’s independent pop landscape, this is Jane Weaver’s first single since her unanimously lorded top 40 album ‘Flock’ and one-off single ‘Oblique Fantasy’.

Listen - Love In Constant Spectacle (2024)

Listen - Flock (2022)


NY Times

Remarkable ★★★★★


Cosmic space Pop

Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio 6 Music

Press Quotes

‘Love in Constant Spectacle’

“Taking in acid folk, space rock, eerie, drifting electronic experimentation, hypnotic, vaguely krautrock-y instrumentals and full-on pop The Guardian 

“Bewitching” New York Times

“An exhilarating return, the pulsating synths pirouetting up to the heavens, lifting Jane Weaver’s vocal higher and higher.” Clash 

“Stylish electronic psych-pop nuggets” Uncut ★★★★ 

“Nuance might be going out of fashion in the world outside, but in here, Weaver speaks it beautifully” Mojo ★★★★  

“A blend of synth-fuelled psych, spellbinding hauntology and dream-pop with an Avant flair that, record after record, has proved endlessly fascinating… Remarkable” Shindig ★★★★★ 

“A gentle motorik groove that really highlights Weaver’s serene vocals.. a bit of Nico, Broadcast, and Melody’s Echo Chamber.” Stereogum 

“Absolutely fabulous” Riley and Coe, BBC Radio 6 Music

“Amazing” Guy Garvey, BBC Radio 6 Music  

“A self-contained universe. Replete with shimmering synths, cryptic lyrics, the artist has once again woven an immersive experience.” Roland 

“A legend in her own right” Post-Trash 

“Gloriously hypnotic pop” Joyzine 

“Infectious, proper hypnotic cosmic jam” Birthday Cake for Breakfast 


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★★★★★ Shindig

★★★★ The Line Of Best Fit
★★★★ MOJO
★★★★ Uncut

★★★★ Financial Times

★★★★ I News

★★★★ AllMusic
★★★★ The Artsdesk

★★★★ Popmatters

★★★★ Exclaim

★★★★ Spectrum Culture
★★★★ NARC

★★★★ Blow Up

★★★★ Byte FM

★★★★ Focus Knack



BBC 6 Music #6 Album Of The Year 

Rough Trade #7 Album Of The Year 

Piccadilly Records #3 Album Of The Year 

Prog Magazine #4 Album Of The Year 

Uncut Magazine #25 Album Of The Year 

MOJO #39 Album Of The Year 

“Weaver makes her version of a pop record, where Kylie-level hooks are set against hallucinatory backings” ★★★★ The Guardian

“Smart, imaginative pop with shades of the cult 1990s electronic bands Stereolab and Broadcast.”  ★★★★ The Times

“Weaver’s artistic progression continues to be stunning.” ★★★★ AllMusic

“‘Flock’ might prove to be the defining album in her career” Uncut 

“Superlative, hook-stuffed avant-pop” ★★★★1/2 Uncut 

“A mix of oscillating grooves, new-wave synths and a subatomic pulse, Weaver has created her finest set to date.” ★★★★ MOJO