Loren Auerbach

UK singer married to Bert Jansch. Auerbach released two albums: ‘Playing The Game’ and ‘After The Long Night’ respectively.


There’s an idea in Japanese culture which suggests that true beauty can only be achieved through imperfection, as its opposite is unattainable. ‘Colours Are Fading Fast’ – a beautifully presented 3 disc set, released for Record Store Day in 2016 (alongside future husband Bert Jansch) is a case in point.

Though Auerbach’s voice is sure, it has a tenderness about it that is truly endearing – to listen to her sing is almost an invitation – close your eyes and you could be sitting with her in her living room, a hot cup of tea by your side. Auerbach released two albums (‘Playing The Game’ and ‘After The Long Night’ respectively) and were included as part of this special collection, alongside ‘In Moonlight’s Grace’ – a third disc of previously unheard and unreleased material, transferred and remastered from original tapes.

This part of the triptych feels decidedly special as it documents what would become a great partnership between Loren and Bert – both creatively and romantically. Some of it is a work in process, some of it more polished, but all of it retains Loren’s particular charm, and the effect that it clearly had on those around her. Listening again to her works, it’s truly a wonder that she didn’t see the same recognition of Virginia Astley, Bridget St John or even Vashti Bunyan.