Marta Del Grandi

Marta is a singer/songwriter based in Milan and Kathmandu. Coming from a jazz background, she draws inspiration for her songs from nature’s magic and the animal world. She's half of the performing arts duo Fossick Project and one piece of the jazz group Mòs Ensemble. She collaborates with musicians and producers in Europe and Asia.


Marta Del Grandi is an Italian vocalist and musician. In 2012 she moved to Ghent, Belgium, to complete her studies in music, and began writing her own songs. There she founded her first band, Marta Rosa, releasing the album, “Invertebrates”, in 2016.

Driven by a passion for travelling and experiencing different places and cultures, Marta then journeyed to China and on to Nepal, where she ended up living and making music for almost three years in Kathmandu. Being immersed in the music scene of such a wildly different place to her native northern Italy deeply influenced Marta’s outlook on the world, enriching the music and lyrics she continued to write. 

In 2021 she joined Fire Records and revealed the mysterious debut track ‘Taller Than His Shadow’, originally written for the movie ‘Radical Landscapes’ by Elettra Fiumi based on Fabrizio Fiumi from the 70s Radical Architecture collective, the 9999 Group.