Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Scott & Charlene's Wedding are an Australian indie rock band, formed in Melbourne in 2006. The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Craig Dermody, bassist Jack Farley and drummer Joe Alexander.


Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Craig Dermody is the voice of a generation, it just so happens to be a generation mired in dead end jobs while smiling into the sunshine as they wonder when someone is going to show up and call the cops on the party again.

The beginnings of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding can be traced back to a friend’s birthday party in the mid-2000s. At the time, Dermody performed with two other bands, Spider Vomit and Divorced, and also made a name for himself in Melbourne’s underground art scene. Eventually, he began spending more time on Scott and Charlene’s Wedding — named after his mother’s favorite soap opera — and released the debut album ‘Para Vista Social Club’ in a limited edition of 200 hand-painted LPs via Untapped Resources in 2010 (later, the album was reissued by Bedroom Suck, Fire Records, and Critical Heights). After moving to New York, Dermody found work as a set designer and established Scott and Charlene’s Wedding as a full-fledged band, settling on the lineup of bassist Ian Savage, drummer Mike Myman, and guitarist Michael Caterer.

In 2013, with their new line up, the band released their ‘Any Port In A Storm’ – eleven electrifying tracks taking us on an intimate journey with Craig Dermody and his daily struggles, like a peak in to his personal diary. The record picked up acclaim from Pitchfork, Spin and The Quietus, linking the vintage swagger of the Velvets to the off-kilter pop perfection of the Only Ones by way of The Stooges and Television.

Following 2014’s ‘Back On The Tools’ EP, Scott And Charlene’s Wedding released with their third album ‘Mid Thirties Single Scene’ in 2016, an irresistible pumped up slacker pop call to arms, recalling The Lemonheads at their best. Tracks such as ‘Delivered’ play out as if Pavement had been bowing at the altar of The Velvet Underground instead of The Fall, all tied together with a Bowery rasp as if Richard Hell had grabbed the microphone.

The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist Craig Dermody, bassist Jack Farley and drummer Joe Alexander.


The execution for his frustration is point perfect– his sleepily conversational vocals fold into his sunny, jangling guitars seamlessly