The Great Depression

The Great Depression began seeking sanctuary in recording studios around Minneapolis, in search of the perfect dreamscape and inspired by the likes of The Church, The Clash, Radiohead and MBV.


High-vibrating slackers, The Great Depression, wary of the looming corporate-sponsored millennium, began seeking sanctuary in recording studios around Minneapolis. In search of the perfect dreamscape and inspired by the likes of The Church, The Clash, Radiohead and MBV, they explored a host of exotic galaxies and washed up on myriad musical shores. Through the process, they formed life-long friendships, a high regard for the quest, and serious addictions to coffee and tobacco yet to be addressed.

After releasing ‘Heaven Is Becoming’, a collection of late-night, off-world transmissions, they landed at the infamous Pachyderm Studio (Cannon Falls, MN) and spent the next 18 months writing their transcendent and universally acclaimed dream-pop albums ‘Unconscious Pilot’ and ‘Preaching to the Fire’.

The Great Depression are: Todd Casper (Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Synths), Brent Sigmeth (Engineering, Guitars, Mixing), Chadwick Nelson (Drums, Editing, Arranging), Avedis Manoogian (Piano, B3 Organ), Wendy Lewis (Backing Vocals), Cody Brown (Drums, Percussion), Paul Boblett (Bass Guitar), Dexter Wolfe (Electric and Acoustic Guitars), Jacob Kofler (Bass Guitar) & Thomas Cranley (Atmospherics).

Todd Casper: Composer

After playing multiple instruments in the youth orchestra, Casper discovered psychedelic pop from the UK in his teens and began teaching himself guitar, bass, drum machines and synths. He’s been falling through the sky ever since…He attended the New School for Social Research in New York City, studying music production and world literature, then moved to Denmark (via Prague) and became house-composer for Highwire – a top-tier production company in the heart of Copenhagen (a position he still holds). He has hundreds of tracks in rotation on Scandinavian television and wrote the music for the H.C. Anderson ride at Tivoli Gardens (Denmark’s version of Disney World). He returned home to the US and spent 6 months in Hollywood scoring BETAS, a raunchy, millennial dramedy on Amazon Prime, directed by Michael Lehman (Heathers, True Blood). Currently, he scores films for directors around the world from his farm in the deep woods of Wisconsin. His music is ethereal and hypnotic, drenched in wild mystery and deep emotion, with a style that has been described as Ravel meets Robert Smith.

Their lush, opaque pop unfolds with every listen to reveal an amazing array of sonic details that consistently proves lovely and alluring.

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