The Moles

Australian-born singer/songwriter Richard Davies formed the chamber pop unit The Moles in Sydney in the late '80s


Brain-child of one Richard Davies, The Moles were an Australian chamber-pop band, who broke up in 1993, only for Davies to use The Moles monicker for the release of what was effectively his solo debut album ‘Instinct’. Flexing chamber pop with symphonic bursts and psychedelic whimsy, it would not over-flatter to describe it as a latter-day John Barry sound-track for the cool generation. Subsequently, Davies joined forced with multi-instrumentalist and arranger Eric Matthews to form the duo Cardinal, which released their lush self-titled debut to great acclaim, before resuming a solo career, with growing legions of avowed fans, including the Flaming Lips.


A uniquely fraught and cinematic sensibility to the Oceanian indie pop