It took them a good few years to develop into simply the best guitar pop band around, an early demo tape earning a rejection letter from us. Undismayed, they sent in a copy of their majestic double ‘A’ sided single, which since we no longer owned a record deck, was carried around unplayed for several weeks. When it finally got listened to, ‘Bloom’ was ‘just peachy’ as these boys would say and ‘Cope’ was even better – a glorious, melody-whipped beast of a pop song, resplendent with harmonic feedback, a ferocious drum pattern and achingly great chorus lines; both now turn up on a debut album suitably stacked with other ‘popmungous, wah-wah-tastic, hookline-diferous songs’. Gigolo Aunts are rivetingly heavy, yet gushingly melodic and in Dave Gibbs winsome vocals, they have quite possibly the best white pop soul voice since the days of The Box Tops and The Young Rascals. ‘Flippin’ Out’ the track, is slow-burning and sublime – a true epic; ‘Flippin’ Out’ the album, takes you on a sublime journey through the last 20 years of guitar pop at one fell swoop.
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