Death And Vanilla announce new EP ‘Reimagined by Civilistj​ä​vel!’

Death and Vanilla return just a few months after their majestic album ‘Flicker’  with a beautiful and dense collaboration with fellow Swedish producer Civilistjävel!.

Taking their kosmische dreamworld to new heights by removing their motorik trademark and abandoning themselves to ambient bliss, highlighting the original album’s influence of dub reggae and deconstructed electronica.

Civilistjävel!, known for his mysterious and otherworldly mix of ambient dub techno and low lumen drones, completely reimagines ‘Find Another Illusion’ and ‘Perpetuum Mobile’, transforming them into ghostly spirits, aetheric entities that dance gracefully carried by Marleen Nilsson’s warm and embracing vocals.

‘Perpetuum Mobile’ also gets a dub treatment, taking us back to the post basic-channel era where labels like Mille Plateaux and artists like Pole were molding new genres by mixing abstraction, pulsating bleeps and digital dub. Once again Death and Vanilla sound like everything is possible.

“Deploying vintage instruments in their quest for melancholic utopia.” Electronic Sound

“Dreampop that floats your celestial boat.. recalling late 60’s Californian psych and 90s shoegaze.” Prog

Available on LTD Edition Pink Cassette


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Death And Vanilla ‘Reimagined by Civilistj​ä​vel!’



Baroque pop through a dreampop filter

The Guardian

Deploying vintage instruments in their quest for melancholic utopia.

Electronic Sound