Decisive Pink (Kate NV & Angel Deradoorian’s new project) announce new album ‘Ticket To Fame’. Watch video for ‘Destiny’

Connection, creation, communication: twines in the golden musical thread made by new duo, Decisive Pink who are Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors alumnus) and Kate NV, Russian experimental pop artist, on the duo’s debut album ‘Ticket To Fame’  set for release 9th June on Fire Records.

Out today new track ‘Destiny’  is the first single from their highly-anticipated debut record.

Despite the portentous-sounding titles, it openly eschews any form of tub-thumping ambition. Rather, expect a focus on showcasing life’s everyday pleasures and poking fun at the foibles of human nature. ‘Destiny’ is a wry observation on the nature of belief and how we operate in the wider world. The future is not there for us to preordain, or for others to say what it will be.

Drawing on the practice of divination through their dark yet kaleidoscopic new music video, Deradoorian forces the issue and we have to choose: “Do you wanna wanna make a change, you do? Do you wanna wanna take a chance? You do? Turn the wheel of fortune and you see / How your future turns into reality”.

A listing of the cards, such as The Empress, The Lovers and The Queen of Cups, are there for the listener to find their own meaning. However there is a wider message that reflects on these uncertain, rootless and often violent times. The music is the key driver, allowing a much more serious hinterland to be laid bare. The poppy beat initially has a big city feel, it begins with a fill that is maybe a dinky, bedroom version of Talking Heads‘The Great Curve’ from Remain in Light. Or it could be a more sinister decision making pop song, loosely in the mould of Will Powers’ ‘Kissing with Confidence’. This mix of implicit burlesque and menace is very affecting, especially in the way it builds up over Angel Deradoorian’s sultry recitation.

The downplaying of the instruments’ power throughout the track is a brilliant conceit. The synth squeaks, squelches and toots sound like the timid affirmation of the initiate, at one instrumental break these weak and reedy patterns maybe confirming the confused, victim status of the enquirer, akin to the young oysters being eaten by the Walrus and the Carpenter.

‘Ticket to Fame’  may sound like a grandiloquent title, but its provenance is anything but. The album’s music confirms this: the beautiful electronic pop songs and sensitive instrumentals often point to the fact that life is a puzzle, but you can still get a lot from living it.

It’s a magical album: sharp, funny and prescient and yet ultimately mysterious, it’s “a kiss to all the world”.

‘Ticket To Fame’ is out 9th June. Available On Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl & CD

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Thoroughly hypnotic

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Decisive Pink ‘Ticket To Fame’



Perfectly blends NV’s experimental strangeness with Deradoorian’s taste for atmosphere and otherworldliness