Decisive Pink (Kate NV & Angel Deradoorian’s new project) announce new single and video for ‘Dopamine’ from upcoming album ‘Ticket To Fame’

Decisive Pink are Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors alumnus) and Kate NV, experimental pop artist. The duo release new album Ticket To Fame on 9th June on Fire Records. Today we reveal new track ‘Dopamine’ and announce a special live show at Union Pool in New York on 16th May.

One of their most direct tracks, ‘Dopamine’ acts as a commentary on excess and consumerist addiction and is a life-lesson, albeit sugar-coated courtesy of an incredibly catchy melody and beat. Both singing the initial melody line, that somehow this gives a slightly malevolent air to the track, is a pithy commentary on the brutal mind-spiralling that occurs when people get caught up in impulsive shopping. The track’s payoff is a glorious telephone conversation between a dominant, slick automated voice, and a hesitant all-too-human customer. It is brilliant and a mnemonic to the similar power struggle heard in recently released track ‘Destiny’.

Accompanying the track comes new video from JJ Stratford who directed their ‘Ode To Boy’ video out last month. ‘Dopamine’ sees the duo in a warehouse in a frenzied state as they receive a dopamine hit.

Recorded at a mutual friend’s studio in Köln, which boasts an extensive collection of analogue synthesisers: “a spaceship,” according to Kate. Angel: “It was very exciting to step into the ‘synth- dome’ as I think of it. I can’t remember all the synths we used, but definitely one of the Prophets, a modular, a Juno, a Jupiter, a Rodeo, a synth with a bee on it and some synth from the 1980s that Kate knew about.” The pair continued working in Angel’s downtown LA rehearsal space with vocals were recorded in an apartment closet; a process which Kate loved, due to its intimacy.

Ticket to Fame is unashamedly romantic in atmosphere and tone. It may sound like a grandiloquent title, but its provenance is anything but. The album’s music confirms this: the beautiful electronic pop songs and sensitive instrumentals often point to the fact that life is a puzzle, but you can still get a lot from living it.

It’s a magical album: sharp, funny and prescient and yet ultimately mysterious, it’s “a kiss to all the world”.

‘Ticket To Fame’ is out 9th June. Available On Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl & CD

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