Ella Raphael reveals new single & video for ‘Tangled Love’

Ella Raphael is blessed with an amazing voice; a woozy, bluesy, euphoric sound that’s filled with warmth and emotion; it’s engaging, like an old friend telling tales and spinning stories. Brought up on Elvis and Ella Fitzgerald, with her travels adding The Shirelles, Serge Gainsbourg and Karen Dalton (to whom her lilting vocal occasionally recalls).

“It was is inspired by many greats such as Joe Meek, Charlie Megira, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline and Julee Cruise; with a type of romantic darkness and melancholy brooding within the melody, knowing that this feeling will come to an end, but almost afraid to say it in words.” Adds Ella. In the video, directed by Ella and Aviya Wyse, “the lamp is the lover with their longing for closeness; it’s a dance of intimacy. The outdoor scenes are a mystical dreamworld, a fantasy of desire, fascination, enticement, foolishness and madness, all of the elements that come together when falling in love.”

Following the magnificent ‘Tangled Love’, Ella releases a third slice of perfect pensive pop with a provocative love song set on a deserted beach as the lights fail. ‘All In’ is heavy on the reverb as Ella’s woozy recollections roll out.

It’s a road movie set in Alatalya, meandering along the coastline, before the chorus indulges this love, never wanting it to finish. Powered by 50s guitars, it’s a love song for modern times filled with a yearning for the past and how it unfolded.

“It’s a melancholic melody for a love song; reminiscing about meeting someone I’ve fallen for, the desire to be near this person; not letting go, filled with the feeling of butterflies.” Ella Raphael

Mixed, produced + instrumentation by Ray Monde from Monde UFO.


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Ella Raphael

Ella Raphael ‘Tangled Love’