ESG Play Only London Show This Year At Electric Brixton + Sacred Paws & NTS DJ’s

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ESG Add Sacred Paws & NTS DJs
@ London, Electric Brixton May 26th

in support of the
Reissue ‘Step Off’ Out Same Day

ESG ‘Step Off’ audio:

ESG’s fusion of sweet soul and punk attitude with an intuitive understanding of dance music remains.” The Guardian

“This is still funk with an alien otherworldliness the likes of which George Clinton never envisioned, stripped to its barest essentials for maximum impact.” All Music

“ESG are as cool as ever.” The Guardian

ESG return for an exclusive show at London’s Electric Brixton on May 26th, which will be the band’s only scheduled UK appearance for 2017. To coincide with their performance, a band-approved reissue of ‘Step Off’ will be released the same day with artwork from award nominated illustrator Hannah Alice, who recently gained critical praise for her work on the Bert Jansch reissue of “Avocet”.

It was dark and sweaty. The front seat of the car smelled like a second-hand nightclub. We were lost in the boroughs.

We swerved to avoid a crashed car, our stereo skittering to the drums of ‘Step Off’ by ESG, its eerie, disjointed guitar ringing in our ears as we drove on. We were speechless, the bass and drums were insistent, launching a thousand samples. From there everything we heard sounded familiar.

Inadvertently, we briefly cast ourselves in the movie Crash; the leather, the broken glass, the sensual stuff. But we were gone too soon, lost, under the spell. Hovering above it all to a soundtrack that pecked at our post-punk psyche.

Again, our minds wandered, wondering what Sunday dinner was like with ESG and their offspring, the hypnotic, almost hazy bass player Nicole and the echo-drenched guitarist Chistelle (name-checked on their ‘Come Away With ESG’ album from years before). It was a family affair.

Momentarily, we mused about the “deep” Darwinian stripping down of the ESG sound, how ‘It’s Not Me’ sounded so full and provocative with just bass and vocal. How did they do that? It was funk through a vacuum, soul through a wire grille with a slo-mo heartbeat. We drove on.

Down the street, the abandoned car’s stereo blared Kelly Clarkson, a copy of The Lovely Bones was on the passenger seat, someone watching over all of us from heaven. Overhead a Mars Explorer was starting its morning work. In 2002, anything was possible.

Then, a vibraslap rasped on the second to last track, like a rattlesnake under an ill-advised strobe light. We were back on my street, the six pack was empty.

ESG Live Dates
25th May – Lyon – Les Nuits Sonores, FR
26th May – London – Electric Brixton, UK

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