Faten Kanaan

Brooklyn-based composer and musical artist Faten Kanaan builds songs by live-looping them, without the use of samplers, sequencers, or arpeggiators. Cyclical patterns are central to her work, with the exploration of harmony and counterpoint as narrative tools. Sound & silence are used as intuitive gestures to tell a wordless story.

In live performances, a vocabulary of gestural kinesic choreography functions as an extension of the music, and in lieu of lyrics. A projected image is sometimes utilized to manipulate the space with architectural and natural elements. This subtly transforms the existing venue into a new setting for the story to unfold and journey to take place.

Inspired by cinematic forms and mythological/folkloric story structures: from sweeping landscapes and quiet romances, to patterned tensions and dream sequences; she focuses on bringing an earthy, visceral touch to electronic music. In symbiosis with technology is an appreciation for the vulnerability of human limitations and nuances.

“A strangely haunting yet beautiful bouquet of nocturnal, electronic blooms ranging from poignant ambient vignettes to chamber-like pop, from Brooklyn’s Faten Kanaan – a gifted musical story-teller”