Rats On Rafts ‘Visions Of Chapter 3’

Rats On Rafts live music film 'Visions Of Chapter 3' is an interdisciplinary project where they'll perform songs from the new album for the first time in its entirety accompanied by projections, acting, modern ballet, a choir and a lot more.


Rotterdam-based band Rats on Rafts will premiere their interdisciplinary music film ‘Visions Of Chapter 3’ worldwide on July 3rd.

‘Visions Of Chapter 3’ is an interdisciplinary music film centered around the band’s latest album ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths’ which was released on January 29 this year. ‘Visions Of Chapter 3’ combines film, visuals, theatre and dance together they create a unique setting to which Rats on Rafts will perform the new album live in its entirety. The film will be recorded in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, The Netherlands and will be directed by A Small Production Company, whom previously produced the music videos for the album singles ‘Tokyo Music Experience’ and ‘A Trail Of Wind And Fire’.

All shows supporting the release of ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths’ have been postponed; due to the pandemic, tours have constantly been rescheduled and digital shows have been the only way to present the new music to the public. However, this way of experiencing music quickly becomes non-committal; because the interaction between audience and band is missing, the tension curve is a lot shorter. Therefore the band is aiming for something bigger and thus transcend the principle of a live stream. This interdisciplinary production offers the opportunity to do something that would not be possible in a normal touring schedule: deepen the artistic practice of Rats on Rafts and take the audience into the world of ‘Excerpts From Chapter 3’, an exploration of recognisable themes such as loneliness and escapism. An unrecognisable protagonist will take viewers on a journey through the many landscapes of the psychedelic post punk album.

With clothing made by Eva Arends, scenery by Jochen Lange Studio, special video footage by A Small Production Company and one off creations by visual artists Jordi Cardenas and Jaco Schilp will provide a unique narrative that supplies each song of the album with its own story. To ensure the authentic sound of Rats on Rafts, an analog studio will be built in TivoliVredenburg especially for this music film.

One of the great contemporary European rock bands  Louder Than War 

“Recalling Brix-era Fall at their most-pop leaning”  ★★★★½Uncut 

Directed by A Small Production Company
Recorded at TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, Netherlands)