Fire Reissue The Adverts ‘Cast Of Thousands’ + ‘Crossing The Red Sea’ for RSD16

#RSD16 announcement #4 comes in the form of the reissuing of  British punk band The Adverts ‘Cast of Thousands’ and ‘Crossing The Red Sea’ albums, this time on coloured vinyl!

Crossing The Red Sea
Created at the height of Punk, recorded with all the venom and passion which gave the era such vitality, the 1978 debut from The Adverts -“Crossing the Red Sea” – was at once a statement of intent and a bellow of defiance, a refusal to take anything for granted, even its own brilliance. More than that, though, the album defined and thus became the precious moment in time when the establishment rules of rock fell away, and new ones still had to be carved out. And by those brittle standards, the Adverts weren’t simply crossing the Red Sea, They were parting it. Reworked into the familiar Fire package by John foster the record will be available on CD and LP, both with the extra single and live bonus tracks. Available on red vinyl for Record Store Day, includes download.

 Cast Of Thousands
Originally released to a fanbase and music press that were unprepared for the band to move on from the punk fury of “Crossing The Red Sea”, The Adverts “Cast Of Thousands” has since been recognized as a lost classic of the time period. TV Smith’s cutting observational lyrics and sharp musical instincts saw his songwriting grow and move in unexpected directions. The primal thumping was replaced by dynamic and driving drumming, acoustic guitars and probing solos emerged, and Tim Cross joined to add keyboards and fill out the overall sound. The one constant was the pounding throb of Gaye Advert’s bass. ‘Cast Of Thousands’ will be released on 12″ white vinyl, includes download.

The record shows the band’s ability to mesh pop hooks and still hold an edge. Besides The Clash, none of their peers at the time had the chops or the guts to do such work. Cast Of Thousands is a brave and cool album.” Henry Rollins

Listen to ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ below