Fire Soundtracks Announce Paul Haslinger ‘Halt And Catch Fire – Original Soundtrack’ Out 30th June 2017

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Fire Records together with our new partners at Lakeshore Records (Stranger Things, Drive, Mr. Robot) are excited to announce the release, for the first time on vinyl, the acclaimed soundtrack to Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) by Paul Haslinger (fmr TANGERINE DREAM) released 30th of June 2017. This bold and innovative soundtrack to the best show on TV is available in both black vinyl/gatefold sleeve and the limited edition deluxe “Mutiny” edition which comes on white vinyl inside the infamous Parallax disc sleeve, all wrapped in a laser cut Mutiny outer. These are expected to go fast:

Pre-order it now from our friends at Norman Records (UK) and Light In The Attic Records (USA) below…/2968-halt-catch-fire-2016-orig…

Returning for its 4th and final series later in the year. ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ captures the rise of the PC-era during the early 80s and the technology revolution and has incredible performances from Lee Pace Kerry BishéMackenzie Davis Scoot McNairy and Toby Huss

Nominated by Vox as the best TV show in 2016, it’s “a potent look back at the earliest days of the internet that also glimpsed, through some hazy curtain, the world we live in right now.”

“AMC knows the show is something special; so do we” The Guardian

“Any well-produced period piece can recreate bygone days. “Halt” lets you see them as the cusp of bracing change.” New York Times

“Intelligent eighties drama is essentially Mad Men for techno-geeks.” Telegraph

“An incredibly sexy, high-octane drama about all of the genius and ego behind the (‘80s) tech boom that changed the world.” Paste

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