Immaterial Possession’s new album ‘Mercy Of The Crane Folk’ is out today

Out today Immaterial Possession release new album ‘Mercy Of The Crane Folk’  on Fire Records.

Featuring the ethereal eerie dream pop of former artist commune residents Cooper Holmes and Madeline Polites, with drummer John Spiegel and Elephant 6 descendant Kiran Fernandes (keyboards, clarinets, flutes). Additional contributions come from drummer Jon Vogt (who can be heard on ‘Mercy Of The Crane Folk’ and ‘Birth Of Queen Croaker’).

★★★★ Shindig

The music is all-consuming – you hear that echoey guitar similar to Ennio Morricone soundtracks, there are words but there are also Yma Sumac-like operatics pricking at your psyche. It’s one of those great happenings that you almost feel like you dreamt; melodies tumble into the undergrowth, that keyboard sound is straight from Richard Wright circa ‘Saucerful Of Secrets’, that folky ambience is a glimpse of what you always thought The Incredible String Band could sound like but with a driving, haunting edge.

A haunting and immersive trip into the inner psyche of these nomadic soothsayers; it’s a psychedelic dance party from a half-lit underground world; breathlessly eerie and all consuming; a salubrious sojourn that sounds like nothing else.

“One of the few bands among their contemporaries who never waver into gimmickry or empty homage.. Authentically removed from its modern setting, the LP’s title track is a vintage-hued epic central to the album’s broader narrative.”
Flood Magazine

“Folk-laden and nomadic psych-pop that harks back somewhat to the hazy days of late ’60s/early ’70s commune music when everything was all earthy and hopeful for a better world.”
Norman Records

Available on Limited Edition Green Vinyl & CD.


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Immaterial Possession ‘Mercy Of The Crane Folk’



A vintage-hued epic

FLOOD Magazine



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Folk-laden, nomadic psych-pop

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