Las Kellies & Rats On Rafts/De Kift Reviewed The Vinyl District

Jenna JonesLas Kellies, Press, Rats On Rafts

 smaller-2De Kift & Rats on Rafts 2016 (EC) 0002 - Credit Erik Christenhusz smaller

Las Kellies “impressively varied, its contents inhabiting the post-punk end of the spectrum; there’s the soul liberation through body movement of “Sugar Beat,” the reggae-infused “Tied to a Chain,” the riffy VU-update “Make it Real,” the new wavy “I’m on Fire,” the indie poppish “Summer Breeze,” and up-tempo rocker “I Don’t Care.” And that’s just the first six cuts”  A-

Rats On Rafts/De Kift “this album clearly benefits from extensive familiarity and ample preparation but with no loss of spontaneity.. combining well with Rats on Rafts’ stylistic restlessness.” B+