Make Your Own: The Blue Aeroplanes’ Comp

Check out the Vinyl Villain site here, for their imaginary compilation of The Blue Aeroplanes by Mike Melville, along with an in-depth piece reasoning on the chosen tracks.

Recognising that the band had the original Bez, Mike takes a very personal look at their history, the fact that REM loved them, their on/off relationship with the majors, their ‘Welcome Stranger’ album, the fact that their B-sides were phenomenal, concluding with that ten track selection which includes the following:

  1. Broken & Mended (from ‘Life Model’ – 1994)
  2. Jacket Hangs (from ‘Swagger’ – 1990)
  3. Veils of Colour (A-side single – 1988)
  4. Fun (from ‘Beatsongs’ – 1991)
  5. Bright Star Catalogue (from ‘Altitude’ – 2006)
  6. Bury Your Love Like Treasure (from ‘Spitting Out Miracles’ – 1987)
  7. You Are Loved (from ‘The Loved’ E.P. – 1990)
  8. Detective Song (from ‘Rough Music’ – 1995)
  9. Breaking In My Heart (from ‘Lover & Confidante (And Other Stories Of Travel, Religion & Heartbreak)’ E.P. – 1985)
  10. Pony Boy (B-side ‘Yr Own World’ single – 1991)

Nice one Mike.