Noveller Announces New Album + Stream First Track: ‘Trails And Trials’

James NichollsNews, Noveller

Announces New Album
A Pink Sunset For No One
Out 10th February 2017
Reveals First Single ‘Trails And Trials’ 


Previous Press

“Sarah Lipstate creates miniature musical worlds, places that you feel like you’ll never leave long as the record is playing.” Pitchfork

“It’s ambient music, sort of, in its delicate moods, its lack of drums and vocals, and its willingness to let tones swell and recede” New York Times

“Mesmerising instrumentals with hallucinatory desert-rock, a shimmering haze of synths and echoing guitars that evokes vast spaces” Financial Times

“Fantastic Planet showcases a fondness for the treated guitar of Robert Fripp when he was working with Eno and the roto-arrangements of early Phillip Glass Ensemble. Surrender to its embrace” MOJO

‘Trails And Trials’

French premiere on Soul-Kitchen

Italian premiere on Ondarock

Spanish premiere on Mondo Sonoro

Dutch premiere on Gonzo Circus

Portugal – Will be posted tonight at 9pm on Observador

‘A Pink Sunset For No One’ is the eighth studio album from Noveller, the solo electric guitar project from US composer and filmmaker.

One of the most adept guitarists of our time, Lipstate returns with her signature breathtaking cinematic, experimental soundscapes. Eloquent and striking, her instrumentals evoke colourful and otherworldly imagery. Lipstate writes in majestic, emotional strokes with pieces ranging from remarkably tense environments to shimmering psychedelic rock or unravelling into something darker.

Inspired, in part, by her recent Iggy Pop tour, the hypnotic and uplifting opening track ‘Deep Shelter’ was written before she hit the road. Following her incredible time on the road she found solace in writing music after a difficult time returning to everyday life which resulted in two new tracks ‘Corridors’ and ‘Another Dark Hour’ – both of which have become a favourite to play as part of Noveller’s daily guitar regime.

‘Rituals’ is Lipstate’s own tribute to one of her all-time favourite albums Steve Reich’s ’Music for 18 Musicians’ and ‘The Unveiling’ takes a melody from one of her recent film scores giving it longer life within this composition.

Sarah Lipstate has been recording music under the moniker of Noveller for over a decade. In addition to her large catalog of solo work, she has been a member of both Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army and Glenn Branca’s 100 Guitar Ensemble, collaborated with Lee Ranaldo, Carla Bozulich and JG Thirlwell. The artist has also scored a number of feature and short films along with Radiolab’s live show with Glenn Kotche (Wilco) and Darin Gray. Following 2015’s ‘Fantastic Planet’, the musician was invited to tour with Iggy Pop across the US and Europe.

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