Following the success of this year’s ‘Fantastic Planet’, Noveller returns with two earlier records that will be reissued through Fire Records. The reissues include breakthrough record ‘Glacial Glow’ originally released in 2011 as a limited edition release on Weird Forest and her sixth full length album ‘No Dreams’.

“Noveller is the nom de musique of Sarah Lipstate, whose precise compositions build on a cathartic repetition of righteous riff action coloured with gorgeous loopingfuckdoodlery and noise gush,” explains The Village Voice in introducing her album ‘Glacial Glow’. The more mannered Wall Street Journal likens her “use of her guitar to explore sonic territory similar to the mid-70s experiments of Brian Eno and King Crimson Robert Fripp.” They only touch on the unique way that Lipstate interacts with her Fender Jaguar and a layout of pedals that Guitar Player has run extensive features and analysis on. Red Bull went on to anoint her one of the Best 30 Guitarists Under 30. With ‘Glacial Glow’ Lipstate honed Noveller into what Pitchfork called “a stronger, bolder voice” giving “each track a distinct theme, telling wordless stories.”

Coming off of tours opening for St. Vincent and The Jesus Lizard (something that only makes equal sense for Noveller), ‘No Dreams’ continued to elevate Noveller’s songwriting and soundscaping taking her music to new heights and cementing her as a talent on the rise. ‘No Dreams’ was also originally released as a limited edition on the experimental label Important Records.

As a member of both Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army and Glenn Branca’s 100 Guitar Ensemble, and as a collaborator with the likes of Lee Renaldo and Jim Thirlwell, Lipstate has emerged as one of the most exciting and interesting guitarists of this era.

“Sarah Lipstate creates miniature musical worlds, places that you feel like you’ll never leave long as the record is playing.” Pitchfork