Pictish Trail Releases Deluxe Edition ‘Future Echoes’ Out for Record Store Day 2018

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Pictish Trail Releases Deluxe Edition ‘Future Echoes’
Out Record Store Day April 21st 2018
2LP cosmic vinyl. Featuring second disc of unreleased remixes and live material

“One of the country’s most intriguing musicians.” Arts Desk

It’s time for “Mysterious cinematic pop melancholia.” The Guardian

So the legend goes, Johnny Lynch – the spark that ignites Pictish Trail – is something of a sonic hermit who has spent large parts of the past few years tucked away in his caravan on the Hebridean isle of Eigg.

Way back when, he surfed the world of DIY electronic folk-tinged croft pop, ran collectives and labels, then he masterminded a life-affirming album. ‘Future Echoes’ from 2016 was hatched amid disagreements, family deaths, the worry and wonder of new parenthood and the cyclical nature of life – and it was all set to a twinkling pop backdrop – think Prince in an Aran sweater.

One look at the multi-costumed psychedelic pop in the video for ‘After Life’ and the silver lining shines. Sure, he’s rated as officially “untidily intriguing”, but he has the tunes (and the wit and wisdom).

“Pictish Trail has stepped out of the shadows of his past, as a star in his own right, freed from the weight of what went before and buoyed by what lies ahead.” Quietus

The deluxe edition adds a host of suitably further-out remixes and simply joyful live takes taking these very personal musings on mortality, the death of friendships and the finality of things yet further – and, boy, does that voice plucks at the heartstrings?

“The second LP is a bonus disc, the first side of which contains stripped-back reinterpretations of Future Echoes, recorded with my friend Suse Bear, last year. I’ve dubbed these versions ‘Winter Rewind Acid Reflux’, mostly for confusion’s sake. There’s also an interstellar remix of the song ‘Until Now’ by White Poppy, a Canadian lo-fi/ambient musician, whose album Natural Phenomena has been an obsession of mine for the past 3 years, and a big influence on Future Echoes. I was over the moon when she agreed to do the remix, and it sounds so beautiful, and suitably cosmic.

When you flip over to the D-side, be sure to turn up to full volume, as these are live recordings of the full band from the illustrious Kelvingrove Bandstand in Glasgow, as well as a track we recorded in session for BBC radio – a rocked-up reworking of the Silver Columns electro-disco number, ‘Brow Beaten’.” – Johnny Lynch

Live Dates:
21st April: UK, London, Amersham Arms – Record Store Day (solo gig)
14th July: UK, Kirkcaldy, Tae Sup Wi Afifer
21st July: UK, Sheffield, The Folk Forest Festival
22nd July: UK, Asenby, Deer Shed Festival
13th Aug: UK, Wales, Green Man Festival
22nd Sept: UK, Scotland, Portree, Skye Live