Pioneering avant-garde electronic duo CS + Kreme sign to Fire Songs

Pioneering avant-garde electronic duo CS + Kreme (Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel) join Fire Songs, our publishing division.

“Quietly seductive, deeply romantic and stealthily addictive”  Boomkat

Transcending style and space, CS + Kreme don’t follow a philosophy with making music, what they do is more fluid. They write slow and meditative “horizontal-music” which takes in heavy dub processing, sweeping post-punk and chamber music soundscapes, anchored around Standish’s leftfield bass guitar.

Over the past few years, CS + Kreme have released a string of disparate records on DIY labels which share their ethos: Total Stasis, Wichelroede and the Trilogy Tapes. The latter collaborations with Will Bankhead have been the most prolific, his label becoming an unofficial home away from home for the duo. Issuing EPs ‘Cold Shoulder’  in 2018, ‘howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought’, as well as the ‘Snoopy’ LP to critical acclaim in 2020.

CS + Kreme Artist Page

Quietly seductive, deeply romantic and stealthily addictive