Bardo Pond – Acid Guru Pond – Double LP


Another RSD another very special Bardo Pond release, this time a fantastic collaboration with Japanese psych-experimentalists, Acid Mother’s Temple and Guru Guru.

Following Bardo Pond’s popular Record Store Day trilogy which began in 2013, this epic collection takes all that we love about Bardo and the wizardry of Acid Mothers Temple. Psychedelic with all the cosmic space-rock noise you’d expect from such a pairing. Classic rock riffs here are doused in world music influences whilst heavy distortion weaves between Sollenberger’s ethereal vocals and majestic flute. With a meditative quality throughout, the song titles are suitably named after colours.

Limited to 1000 copies this exclusive release comes on two split colour vinyls with disc one blue and green and disc 2 Red and Orange.

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