Bardo Pond – The Three Eps – Triple CD


Bringing together Bardo Pond’s three exclusive Record Store Day EPs from the last three years in one, 3xCD package.

“specialising in lengthy abstractions, these wigged out Pennsylvanians do sprawling space rock” Q

“Reliably transportative swathes of feedback-drenched psychedelica. Bardo Pond’s genius lies in the collision of contrasts” Sunday Times

Bardo Pond’ first Record Store Day EP ‘Rise Above It All’ was a breath of fresh air. Their explosive interpretations of Funkadelic’s, ‘Maggot Brain and Pharoah Sanders’; ‘The Creator Has a Master Plan’ are epic performance pieces, taking the listener through a range of emotions as the band explore their innermost creativity. “These tracks represent the apex of sublimity for us” explains Michael Gibbons, “They are archetypes for our way of making music. They both offer the listener a mainline to an emotional epiphany that can only be experienced through listening to these very songs. Through seemingly minimal means, gut wrenching tones and glorious repetition, a gateway opens, endorphins are released, illumination is attained. We stand in the light emanating from these Pyramids of Sound. We humbly rolled them up in the Lemur House as a form of pilgrimage. Please partake. Thanks.”

With their humble ethos stunningly executed, RSD 2014 brought the second in what naturally started to look like a series. ‘Looking for Another Place’ was a continuation of their exploration and interpretations, this time they turned their attention to ‘Ride Into The Sun’ by the Velvet Underground and ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ by Brian Eno. The results are astounding and in the case of ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ wonderfully surprising, with Isobel’s voice embellishing a rendition of startling Bardo pop.

The final instalment from this year’s Record Store Day, ‘Is There a Heaven’ closes the series. Bryan Ferry’s ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache’ and Albert Ayler’s ‘Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe’ are the subject of Bardo Pond’s feedback drenched, heartfelt and considered attention. It’s not surprising that all three vinyl EPs are now rare collectors’ items.

Loosely formed in 1989 by guitar wielding art student siblings, Michael and John Gibbons, Bardo Pond became a reality in 1991 with the addition of vocalist and flautist, Isobel Sollenberger, bassist, Clint Takeda and drummer, Joe Culver (replaced in 1999 by trainee librarian, Ed Farnsworth). Bardo Pond are the flagship band of Philly’s “Psychedelphia” space rock movement, which also included the likes of Aspera, Asteroid No. 4, the Azusa Plane, and tangentially the Lilys. They favour lengthy, deliberate sound explorations filled with all the hallmarks of modern-day space rock: droning guitars, thick distortion, feedback, reverb, and washes of white noise.

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