Bedroom Suck Various – 5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records – Double LP


Bedroom Suck Records began as the present tense of Joe Alexander and Sam McCabe, two down-and-out sharehouse types direct from the steamy sauna of Brisbane suburban living. One day the amount of good music snaking out from under the doors of friends and distant relatives became too much to bear, and in early 2009 what became known as ‘bedroom suck’ was born.

“We started on a hot day in March 2009, at Unit 3, 43 Zigzag Street in Red Hill. The street was so steep you had to crawl up on all fours. Dank and I submitted a demo tape of our band to a record label in Brisbane called Handclappin’ Records. We never heard back, so that weekend we duplicated a few copies of the cassette and handed them out at what might have been a fashion show. It was BSR-001.” Joe Alexander

Five years on and the Bedroom Suck label has continued to release the best in Australian music from up and down the country, with much more to look forward to in 2015. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases from Love of Diagrams and Totally Mild, who both feature with exclusive tracks…think of it as a Birthday gift, from Bedroom Suck to you.

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