Bobby Conn – Macaroni – CD


Musician, misfit, culture warrior and bullshitter: Robert “Bobby” Conn

Bobby has equally delighted and annoyed hipsters since first appearing on the Chicago music scene in the mid ’90s. Blending aggressive showmanship with an omnivorous love of musical genres, from Suicide to Streisand or from The Sweet to Stravinsky, Bobby has often irritated and provoked audiences, but never bored them. From experimental performance art and noise music to superficially “straight” rock Bobby is always subversive. And he subverts himself happily.

Bobby Conn’s lyrics document the continuing absurdities of contemporary Western culture, illustrating and celebrating the convenient hypocrisies that allow us to sleep soundly every night. He developed “The Continuous Ca$h Flow System” in 1995 as a critic of the magical thinking that Americans employ concerning their debt fuelled lifestyles. 15 years later, Bobby’s “Continuous Ca$h Flow” is revealed as the operating principle of the entire financial system. He has accurately described the Armageddon based world view of America’s Christian right since 1996, and tracked its evolution from fringe fanaticism to its current place in the heart of America’s political mainstream. But despite the relevance and prescience of his songwriting, his devotion to total entertainment in glitter and heels has confused as many as he has enlightened.

He continues to collaborate with his wife and musical partner, Monica Boubou. Fully his equal as an entertainer herself (and more than his equal in stature), her electrified violin defines the epic melodic reach of their music. The members of his band, The Burglars, were stolen from the best groups in the Chicago underground today. Drummer Josh Johannpeter has played with Bobby since recording the “King For A Day” album in 2006 and is currently active in the excellent electro boogie bands Lazer Crystal and Mahjongg. Keyboardist Jon Steinmeier and master bassist Jim “Dallas” Cooper also played on “King For A Day” and are members of new wave misfits The Detholz! as well working with Mucca Pazza, Daniel Knox, Lovely Little Girls, Baby Dee, and Van Dyke Parks. .

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