Chamber Music Artists – Chamber Music (James Joyce) – Double CD


The idea was simple: find contemporary artists influenced (however loosely) by Joyce’s style to finally turn the poems into musical works. Our only directive was to not mess with the words! From humble beginnings of simply asking a few friends to take part, the project soon started to reach much further than was originally intended. Featuring a real mix of contributors; Peter Buck from REM (with his ‘other’ band Minus 5), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth/Text Of Light), Bardo Pond, Ed Harcourt, Jessica Bailiff…the interpretations are different but are all true to the poem, resulting in a totally unique musical project with a beautifully cohesive interpretation of Joyce’s poem In lovingly packaged double slipcase CD and double vinyl, its out 16th June in UK and Europe, and 22nd July in the US. Order your advance copies and listen to samples of all the songs right here.

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