Danielson – Grow Up – 7″


“Grow Up”, the first single from Best of Gloucester County, which required special mastering to allow for the sheer volume of attitude packed into it. Did someone say punk rock was reactionary? Please…don’t forget the lace-doilies for your tea-party. Heavy-metal equals funnelled-rage? You might as well be gathering cuttings from the petunia-beds along the front walk-way. How about grunge? Scrunk? Deathgrind? Goodness! Is it already time for the afternoon nap?

Vinyl 7″ is of course the perfect format for such unadulterated ‘tude; it’s as if the song leapt from the full-length vinyl and embraced its own Napoleon complex. Perhaps the only ‘appropriate’ thing about this release is that the B-side is Danielson’s reimagining of the Journey classic, “Wheel In The Sky”. All strut and swagger and burnin’ 2-step, it’s a wonder that the 7″ doesn’t melt to the turntable.

Daniel Smith- vocal, acoustic guitar
Elin K. Smith- vocal
Sufjan Stevens- banjo
Paul Arbogast- trombone
Patrick Berkery- drums, percussion
Michael Cemprola- saxophone
Rachel Galloway- vocal
Evan Mazunik- piano, vox organ
Jon Rees- baritone sax
Megan Slaboda- vocal, glockenspiel
Joshua Stamper-bass guitar, horn arrangements
Andrew Wilson- electric guitar

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