Dave Cloud – Dave Cloud and The Gospel of Power Live at Gonerfest – CD


“I can’t tune shit, I couldn’t tune a one string bass dick, but luckily they do it for me, not the bass dick, the guitar.”
– the one and only Dave Cloud

Recorded at the Memphis, Tennessee hallowed ground that is the annual Gonerfest, Mr. Cloud and his armed gang of musical assassins tear through their set in ways that only they can. Delivering a blistering, funny, caustic, confrontational, warts and all performance; they unabashedly pour cases of beer over the carcass of rock and roll. Capturing their fragmented glory, the end result leaves a rabid and dazed audience praying at their alter while the half-naked frontman tries to determine where he left his shirt and pants. In other words, a typical Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power live set.

Dave Cloud is a Nashville icon, pure and simple as that. Over two decades of thrilling the locals with his incendiary shows, he has been praised all over the globe for his tales of motorcycles and money, nudist camps, siberian hypnotism, and girls girls girls. Joined by various members of Lambchop and Silver Jews, his status as a treasured outsider on the fringes of American alt-blues is encased in solid gold. He is an artist that should be experienced, and we have done just that with this release, transporting him straight through your ears and directly to your brain. Feel the fever setting in?

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