Giant Sand – Black Out (25th Anniversary Edition) – LP


Fire Records re-issues the rare and regarded ‘Black Out’ recording from 1993. Forged from the embers of the recording session which was ‘Purge & Slouch’ , and wholly acoustic, this collection of takes was originally released only in Germany. ‘Black Out’ sits proudly amidst the Giant Sand re-issue project. “When we gathered for the grand experiment of ‘purge & slouch” Howe Gelb recalls, “the idea of which was to record without having written anything prior for it . Some actual songs did pop out , perhaps for the sake of warm-up or while mics were being wired .. maybe just for the sake of vigorous deployment .. re-living some old songs there and then, we bundled em up after the fact for what would become “stromausfall” instead.” “This was a limited batch release on a small german label who took my original title “black out” and translated it .. the idea being that this is the sound that would happen during one .. songs without electricity attached”. Since then, most of that original pressing made in germany has mysteriously self destructed so it is with pleasure we have the opportunity to release the album again, including a bonus piano track for when the city goes dark. “Giant Sand is a mood,” says Howe’ of Giant Sand, as if trying to o er a low-key explanation for his dizzying array of artistic exploration that includes a back-catalogue of some 40 albums as a singer, band-leader and producer. After growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1970’s, it wasn’t until he moved to Tuscon, Arizona that he met his musical soul mate, the guitarist Rainer Ptaceck. The two formed Giant Sandworms and issued only a handful of recordings before the worms were put to rest: since then, Giant Sand have released 24 albums – an impressive haul when considering Howe’s equally proli c output under other projects including Black Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator as well as his solo releases.

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