Giant Sand – Center Of The Universe (25th Anniversary Edition) – CD


2010 marks the 25th anniversary of Valley Of Rain – the debut album by Giant Sand and Fire Records is proud to announce the start of a Giant Sand/ Howe Gelb series of rolling reissues from September 2010, which will see the re-release of roughly 30 albums. ‘Center Of The Universe’, originally released in 1992, is the eighth Giant Sand reissue in the series from Fire Records. Howe holds ‘Center Of The Universe’ close to his heart, explaining the record ,”Could be my favourite. .. written in a one room cabin at the end of the road in the high desert around Joshua tree where I lived for a few years … recorded back in Venice, California with the same slant as was instilled in the writing … adorned with the ‘psycho sisters’ who show where the melodies in these songs were hiding … now through the miracle of remastering, these tracks sound more vibrant and alluring”. What was a common approach to record making for Howe and Giant Sand, ‘Center Of The Universe’ would be the last of a kind, “it marks the last time I could work like this, before the advent of family life was to take over and populate the day .. this record marks the final time of isolation with a happy careless abandon and an immediate urgency delivered by a wired up acoustic guitar with stomp box distortion ready and willing”. “The experiment: to record a vocal in fragments while intentionally singing differently each time on the same song, then combining the takes instantaneously . The result was “loretta and the insect world”. “Giant Sand is a mood”, says Howe of Giant Sand, as if trying to offer a low-key explanation for his dizzying array of artistic exploration that includes a back-catalogue of some 40 albums as a singer, band-leader and producer. After growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1970s, it wasnt until he moved to Tuscon, Arizona that he met his musical soul mate, the guitarist Rainer Ptaceck. The two formed Giant Sandworms and issued only a handful of recordings before the worms were put to rest: since then, Giant Sand have released 24 albums – an impressive haul when considering Howes equally prolific output under other projects including Black Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator as well as his solo releases.

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