Giant Sand – Goods And Services (25th Anniversary Edition) – CD


1995’s ‘Goods And Services’ was another for German ears only. It’s re-issue will bring it to
the attention of new fans as part of the series. Once not remembered fondly by Giant
Sand’s Howe Gelb, time has been kind and his perception has softened with the memories
of Vic Chesnutt’s contribution.

“Another live record. but this sound was bloated from euro touring and was supposed to
be a re flection of only how it was sounding then. Later, that made less sense to me since
every tour the band sound would change anyway. So i am not in love with this record
and thusly never made it available for the states. but now, looking back on it, it brings a
smile. . . . and also moistens the eye with the missingness of Pappy and Vic Chesnutt.”

“Giant Sand is a mood,” says Howe’ of Giant Sand, as if trying to o er a low-key explanation
for his dizzying array of artistic exploration that includes a back-catalogue of some
40 albums as a singer, band-leader and producer. After growing up in Pennsylvania in
the 1970’s, it wasn’t until he moved to Tuscon, Arizona that he met his musical soul mate,
the guitarist Rainer Ptaceck. The two formed Giant Sandworms and issued only a handful
of recordings before the worms were put to rest: since then, Giant Sand have released 24
albums – an impressive haul when considering Howe’s equally proli c output under
other projects including Black Ranchette and Arizona Amp & Alternator as well as his
solo releases.

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