Howe Gelb – Little Sand Box – CD Box Set

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Albums included in the Little Sand Box are:
1. Dreaded Brown Recluse
2. Hisser
3. Confluence
4. The Listener
5. Sno Angel Like You
6. Sno Angel Winging It
7. Alegrias
8. Some Piano

“The solo albums came about as an afterthought”, Howe explains, “loving better the notion of hiding inside a band like Giant Sand for the rest of my life. When life demanded something else, then they began to happen.”

At first severely home-made and lo-fi with “Hisser” during the days when Rainer was critically ill.

Followed by the depressing “Confluence” when everything turned to shit in the late 90s.

And back up again and running fine with “The Listener”, which began the resurgence of the sonic spirit during a surprisingly long stint in Denmark.

That path would then lead to the sizzling season with a full gospel choir attached in Ottawa, Canada with the release of “‘Sno Angel”, and shockingly Mojo’s 5 star praise of it.

Next would come the most gratifying time spent surrounded with guitars in discovering the city of Cordoba, Spain and recording “Alegrias”. This recording, the Spanish critics declared, melded indie-rock pluck with the prowess of Flamenco strum in a rarified way that was heralded significant instead of the usual ‘touristo’ failings to marry Flamenco with anything. It also attracted one of Spain’s most famous guitarists into the session, maestro Raimundo Amador. Cordoba felt like the closing of a significant circle, feeling more like home than home, due maybe to my own DNA and probably the originating point of what one-day would become Tucson.

The album was so wonderfully received in Spain and granted me a kind of peace, now in my 50s, to find myself in such exquisite company whereby the sonic pathways thru gospel and Flamenco all began with meeting Rainer.”