Keep Mother 10″ Series – Volume 6 – K & L (Duke Garwood & HTRK) – 10″


The 6th Installment of the Keep Mother Series. Pressed up on 10″ of lovingly assembled heavy duty vinyl all handsomely packaged in a die cut card sleeve. Hand stamped and hand numbered each 10″ is limited to just 500 copies. Look out for 12 other similarly beautiful slabs of vinyl featuring a total of 26 ‘hush hush’ acts, including Bardo Pond and NYC’s Liars. The series is all about freedom under 12 minutes, whatever comes out, and is often improvised. The 6th instalment of the Keep Mother series features the howling blues of Duke Garwood and the slow pulsating neu-disco of Melbourne/London/ Berlin’s HTRK. With explosive, Birthday Party-influenced guitar assault, deep groans and dark repetitive drum machine, HTRK’s contributions are like peek previews into a down-turned hypnotic world that only they inhabit; both sucking you in and dragging you along and down; all finishing too soon.

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