Lower Plenty – Hard Rubbish – Double LP


Fire Records delve further in to the Australian underground with the signing of Melbourne-based four-piece Lower Plenty. Their transfixing LP ‘Hard Rubbish’ was voted Album of the Year 2012 on Aussie indie bible Mess + Noise and is due for a worldwide release on 1 April. “While the rest of the world were busy embracing Tame Impala, back on their home soil they were being gently eclipsed by one of those rarities in the age of instant blogging and fanfare – a true word of mouth success. With very little in the way of promotion and no presence on the social networks, the whispers soon started and the news of Lower Plenty’s enchanting no budget lofi pop gem spread from turntable to turntable.” This lead to a label feeding frenzy but the band found the perfect new home in Fire Records, who have quietly been supporting the overseas awareness of new Antipodean music for the past few years, releasing records by the likes of HTRK, Opossom, Blank Realm, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Ned Collette, Surf City and Orchestra of Spheres. Lower Plenty will also be releasing a split 7″ on Matador as part of the label’s singles club.

Named after a Melbourne suburb, Lower Plenty are comprised of some of the city’s most talented musicians, the quartet of Daniel Twomey, Jensen Tjhung, Sarah Heyward and Al Montfort hail from various other bands such as Deaf Wish, Total Control, UV Race and The Focus. A departure from the harsher sounds of their other projects, Lower Plenty create beautifully melancholy, suburban-country music that’s made (and often performed) while sitting around the kitchen table.

Raw and delicate, ‘Hard Rubbish’ was recorded on eight-track reel-to-reel tape, often in just a single take. Their folk-tinged indie rock is flecked with experimentation whilst retaining a firm hold on some fantastically memorable melodies. With a non-traditional set-up of two guitars, drums and processed percussion with four vocals – Lower Plenty are set to take us on a very exciting ride.

Both the LP and CD release of Hard Rubbish includes Lower Plenty’s debut recording ‘Mean’ on the respective format. Recorded in 2010 and only previously available on a limited cassette run, you can listen to ‘Round and Round’, the opening track from this killer debut.

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