Lower Plenty – Strange Beast – 7″


Strange Beast is the first single to be taken from Lower Plenty’s highly regarded album Hard Rubbish (Fire Records)

The subtle Strange Beast is has haunting as it is memorable. A song which shuffles gently around the melody whilst enveloping the listener in an atmosphere of beautiful gloom. We hear our lo-fi troubadours account; Loneliness is the biggest killer of them all with a sincerity that leaves one shaken and stirred. Only the brightest of artists can reach such heights with so little fuss.

The previously unreleased Old Tom is another lo-fi gem. Out of a cloud of tape hiss a simple yet infectious guitar melody combines with random percussion and matter of fact vocals. The result? Another laid back pop gem from the back streets of inner city Melbourne.

The vibrancy of the current Australian music scene has no peers worldwide. Along with other house favourites such as Blank Realm and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Lower Plenty are destined for international recognition given their unique take on human existence and a penchant for short snappy sombre songs.

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