Pere Ubu – Drive, He Said 1994 – 2002 4LP Box Set

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‘Drive, He Said 1994-2002’ brings together the albums ‘Raygun Suitcase’ (1995, winner of CD Review’s Editors’ Choice Award), ‘Pennsylvania’ (1998, voted no.1 in Music Critics Poll (1988), Village Voice), ‘St Arkansas’ (2002, prompting Mojo to summarise their review with ‘It's difficult to think of a more important band currently working’) and a 12” disc of extras, ‘Back Roads’.
‘Back Roads’ features live studio, jam sessions and newly remixed tracks, including ‘Electricity’ (with the original vocals that were discarded at the time as ‘too brutal’), an outtake from ‘Pennsylvania’ and a live recording of SAD.TXT from Transmusicales Festival in France, 1998.

These albums were the catalyst to finally uniting critics and the establishment to recognise that the band’s music was a force to be recognised, prompting four day festivals at the Royal Festival Hall in London, The Knitting Factory in NYC and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s event, ‘55 Years of Pain,’ honouring Pere Ubu along with fellow icons of the Cleveland scene, 15-60-75, in 1999.

All studio albums and the 12” disc ‘Back Roads’ were remixed and engineered by David Thomas and Paul Hamann at Suma, in June 2016.

Contains poster and download card.

  1. Folly Of Youth
  2. Electricity
  3. Beach Boys
  4. Turquoise Fins
  5. Vacuum In My Head
  6. Memphis
  7. Three Things
  8. Don't Worry
  9. Red Sky
  10. Montana
  11. My Friend Is A Stooge
  12. Down By The River II


  1. Woolie Bullie
  2. Highwaterville
  3. SAD.TXT
  4. Urban Lifestyle
  5. Silent Spring
  6. Mr Wheeler
  7. Muddy Waters
  8. Drive
  9. Indiangiver
  10. Monday Morning
  11. Perfume
  12. Fly's Eye
  13. Wheelhouse

St Arkansas:

  1. The.Fevered Dream Of Hernando DeSoto
  2. Slow Walking Daddy
  3. Michele
  4. 333
  5. Hel
  6. Lisbon
  7. Mr Steve
  8. Phone Home Jonah
  9. Where's The Truth
  10. Dark

Back Roads:

  1. My Name Is Ellipsis
  2. Surfer Girl
  3. Horse
  4. Electricity (board mix)
  5. Dr Sax
  6. Slow
  7. The Duke's Saharan Ambitions
  8. Ray Gun Suitcase
  9. SAD.TXT (live)
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