Pere Ubu – Worlds In Collision


With Pere Ubu on hiatus since 1982’s excellent ‘Song Of The Bailing Man’, David Thomas had recorded a` much-praised solo album and the band had now signed to a major label. In a period of rampant world commercialism, what would happen next? 

Another crucial era for the band unraveled, Pere Ubu’s journey charted new undulating territory and so began a three-album escapade that retooled our understanding of what pop music is. 

“Solid as the band can be, it’s also likely to dissolve songs from the bottom up. For all Pere Ubu’s uncertainty, the band isn’t arbitrary; its music has the off-the-wall unity of a Marx Brothers routine,” said Jon Pareles of The New York Times. 

in 1991, ‘Worlds In Collision’ became “the most atmospheric, carefully sculpted recording in the band’s 13-album catalog.” (Tom Moon, Spin). 

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