Primitive Motion – Worlds Floating By – LP


Primitive Motion is the lovely finger-paint scrawl of Brisbane residents Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig. Together they conjure repetitive waves of dream-float pop using an array of cheap keyboards and machine-made beats woven with echo-drenched vocals, brass, wind instruments and off-kilter drumming. The music of Primitive Motion is suspended in time at the blissful confluence of kosmiche Kraut rock and post-punk DIY. Reset your clocks to Primitive Motion.

With a string of 7″, cassette and cdr releases on US label Soft Abuse, Australian cassette imprint A Guide to Saints, and Craig’s own Kindling label; Worlds Floating By is PM’s first long player.

“a basement Silver Apples plays the songs of AC Marias for an unreleased Saturn acetate…” – Volcanic Tongue

PM attaches improv-pulse to crude drum patterns and analog rhythm box with mesmerising effect. Throw in echoing brass and art-damaged dual vocals and you have your new favourite post-punk combo” – Edmund Xavier, Negative Guest List

“Primitive Motion, a.k.a. caveman rumba a.k.a. neanderthal pulsewave… crude music & virtuoso magic, lazy mood pieces with stratospheric trajectory. I’m grasping at scratchy Thick Pigeon singles & lost Here & Now sessions for some kind of reference point, but it’s already all there in the band name. Male & female vocals careen haphazardly over cyclopean beats, drenched casio & emotive euphonium at the fertile intersection of post-punk, kraut-communal & art-school stoned.” – Glenn Donaldson

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