Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Back on the Tools – Cassette


Having toured Europe over the summer, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding are back in Australia and back on the tools! Craig Dermody picks out some new material and re-works some SACW classics for this special cassette release, just in time for their US tour.

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding emerged from Australia’s underground scene, the fully formed brainchild of Craig Dermody – a magnetic songwriter and guitarist, whose affable demeanor and disheveled charm has won him fans the world over. Their May European tour was a glorious success, so they’re turning their attention to conquering the USA.

Their recent album Any Port In A Storm received rave reviews across the board including 5*s on EMusic who said that “Dermody has delivered an indie classic like they just don’t make any more”, and The Guardian observed that they’re like “Jonathan Richman fronting the Stooges, and a stoic faith in the goodness of life and the value of human endeavour that brims with hope.”

The album is a generation’s glimpse of love, home-sickness, basketball, alienation, rock and roll and all things that matter to an expatriate Aussie stranded in New York. The brainchild of the amiable and unashamedly charismatic Craig Dermody, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding offer a sonically charged take on the Lemonheads’ ramshackle melodicism and Pavement’s lo-fi drawl.

“Hooky guitar riffs and luscious melodies accompany Australian expat Craig Dermody’s laconic- post-punk drawl.” NME

“Dermody is a master of the literate drawl.. he combines a fondness for Lou Reed-style New York street theatre with anti-folk and 80s jangle to scintillating effect.” Uncut

“a wonderfully breathless and melodic surge… it’s somehow nostalgic and current at the same time.” The Fly 4*s

“Plainly in thrall to the original heroes of ’80s indie like The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and Television – and on that last score, fabulously exploratory lead guitar chimes out pretty much ubiquitously – Dermody has delivered an indie classic like they just don’t make anymore.” Emusic

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