Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Para Vista Social Club – Vinyl


Heartbreak, working shitty jobs to survive and the loneliness of public transport in a city, Craig Dermody knows no other way than heart-on-sleeve. Hailing from Australia but now living in New York, Dermody’s debut album under the moniker Scott and Charlene’s Wedding is due for release on Critical Heights in November. Released with deluxe packaging featuring 38 of the different album covers, you can feel free to interchange to your favourite. The songs on Para Vista Social Club are long, knotty jams, often digging into a single idea and not looking up for the next few minutes with Dermodys voice ranging from a rough moan on Born To Lose and speech-like drawl on Every Detail to a bummed flatness on Foreign Lands and a surprisingly clean presence on the poppy Wiseman At The Station. Footscray Station is the albums breakout track, a shuddering feat of shaggy-dog jangle and perfectly bruised lyrics – with a fantastic video featuring Dermody in a fetching tracksuit! This will be released as the first single on 15th October. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding effortlessly sprawl across the generations linking the vintage swagger of the Velvets to the off kilter pop perfection of the Only Ones by way of the Stooges and Television, like no-one before them. Footscray Station by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding from Craig Dermody on Vimeo

Footscray Station by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding from Craig Dermody on Vimeo.

Rejected from Craig Dermody on Vimeo.

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